My bike: Honda VFR800 VTEC

I finally have my A license!
That called for a celebration, but in the meantime I was already looking for a suitable bike to keep for years to come.

Why did I chose a 2004 VFR800? Well here’s a little story for you!

The Honda VFR800 VTEC is recognisable by that distinct sound you hear when the revs go past 6500rpm. Purring beneath 6.5k, roaring till the redline.
That V4 sound is also very exotic, because only the VFR’s, Aprilia RSV4’s, and Panigale V4’s have a V4 engine.
The single sided swingarm also makes it look like one of the more exotic bikes that exist in this world.

Why didn’t I choose the 2015 VFR800F Interceptor? It’s because I don’t like the sound, it weighs almost the same and has less HP than the original VTEC. The wide body of the older interceptor makes it also more aerodynamic for me to not sit in the wind.

– 781.7cc 90° V4 DOHC with 4 valves/cylinder (and VTEC)
– 110 HP/81KW at the crack, but 101.6WHP
– 82Nm/60.5 lb-ft torque
– Dry weight: 218kg, wet 240kg (it isn’t that much of a difference with the NC700X)
– Fuel: 20.8L/5.5gal

There are a few problems that needed to be fixed (and I still am busy with that)
– Thermostat stuck open (needs replacing thermostat, gaskets and coolant)
– Mismatched tires (replaced by Michelin Road 5)
– Brake pads are used up (needs replacing pads & fluid)
– Clutch fluid is almost black (flushed and replaced)
– Airfilter “clogged” (cleaned it out using vacuum cleaner)
– Bad Yuasa battery (replaced by Nitro battery)

It also needed a cleaning and some repainting of the exhaust heatshield.

Mods that I got with the bike:
– Top Sellerie seat
– MRA Vario Touring screen
– Laser Dualtone exhaust system

Mods that I bought for the bike:
– Givi Topcase rack
– Oxford touring heated grips, gaspipe and bar ends
– AliExpress voltmeter
– Tank grip pads (got these for Christmas from my parents!)
– SAE USB charger

Well be prepared to see more content about this bike in the future!

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