Hi! I’m CDA441!

Hey and welcome to my blog!

If you haven’t noticed, I’m an all-season, Belgian motorvlogger.

This blog contains (most of) my ramblings and reviews in text form, they are less boring to read than to watch my videos, so I recommend following my blog!

My passion for motorcycles came when I was 18, that’s so late, but better late than never.
It grew when I got my first 50cc moped (the orange turd) and modified it to 70cc’s.
That was highly illegal to use on the public road, so I sold the bike and went for my license.

Then the frequent riding came, an accident, another accident, and then came the camera!
The AZ1VR is the first, good action camera I’ve bought, and that was the start of the rebrand of my Youtube Channel: CDA441

I saw a steady grow for “road rage” and “daily observations” and being featured on other channels was a welcome gift.

My videos are not riddled with ads, but they are honest opinions on products that I bought. And if I like a product, I like it a lot!

So a little bit about myself:

I’m Alex, study marketing, and I’m keen to learn more about bikes, and help other people to make the right decision on what product to buy.
I probably have given a lot of traffic for niche products like the crashbars from moto adventure tech, or DIY-ing some add ons for my bike.

So have a great read, and I see you around!
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