Lanesplitting safe or not?

When communting to work/school, traffic can be bad when it’s rush hour.
I cut through traffic like a hot knife through butter within the traffic jams.
Now there are some people who say that lanesplitting is dangerous, and they’re not wrong.

There are some unwritten rules that you should know when filtering/lane-split.
1) If you can’t fit, through the gap or are not sure, then don’t go.
2) When lanesplitting, don’t be mad if there’s a slower motorcycle, just flash your lights.
3) Same as rule 2, when you are the slower bike, make way for faster bikes.
4) DO NOT (NEVER) CLOSE MIRRORS TO LANESPLIT! If the guy doesn’t want you to pass, look for another way.
5) Don’t hit anything(!) on your lanesplitting adventure

Okay, now that that’s cleared up, we can talk about the dangers of lane splitting.

Some people say lane splitting is dangerous, and they’re not wrong.
Here are some disadvantages:
1) People could swerve into you and possibly throw you off your bike
2) You can run into people that are jaywalking (but that’s their own fault)
3) You need good balance and a lot of anticipation

Now there are a lot more advantages when you lanesplit, these are the following:
1) You shouldn’t be able to get hit from behind.
2) You improve traffic flow.
3) You are getting to your destination a lot faster (so you can be on time)
4) Using an air cooled engine, you can keep your engine cool.
5) Improves fuel efficiency and is better for the environment.
6) You don’t breathe in the exhaust gasses from other cars (well yeah, less of it)
7) Just feels so good to go faster than other traffic!

My opinion on this is that lanesplitting should be legal anywhere because motorcyclists are also vulnrerable road users and deserve it to feel and be safe anywhere on the road.

Here’s a video of me filtering and lanesplitting through traffic.

Thank you for reading this post, and remember, ride safe and ATGATT!



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