Why is it so silent around here?

Allright, I’m finally done with finals, and I hope I’m having no F’s on my report card.

So, why was I so absent in the last month?
Probably because I have no time to ride, because I had to learn for finals!
Enough about school, let’s talk motovlogging!

Question time (from me to me):

Q: Why aren’t there any updates on the bike?
A: I haven’t got the time to film everything, and writing scripts take time. Being the impulsive one, I installed a K&N filter (where I’m going to write a review about) without filming it.
I also consider the bike finished “by now”. I’m still unsure when I can do my full license to ride, because I miss having the “oomph” the NC700X makes when highway cruising, but in city traffic it is just a beast.
It’s also the period where I have to pay my road tax (July) and service (September), which is a huge cut in my budget.

Q: Why aren’t there any motovlogs?
A: I don’t have an interesting topic to talk about. Probably all topics have been talked about?
Maybe I can talk about what mod is my favourite, and what my least favourite one is?
(Hey! That sound’s interesting! :))

Q: Why are there no periodic blog posts?
A: I’m not sure, probably because writing reviews takes a lot of thinking, time and taking pictures while doing bike work, and I also forget to take pics lol.
This blog is also for the “really interested ones” in my blog, because I still have a small YT audience of about 260 subscribers at the time of writing.

Q: Why do you rage so much?
A: I don’t rage everytime something happens! I’m a well preserved guy. Well, the only things hitting the Youtube surface are cherry picked moments of rage, as in my most recent video: THIS MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL┬áit is normal to react to a bicyclist that just crosses the road with no markings, and he appears behind a van which obstructs the view.
If you do stupid things, you get a rage fit, BUT it alleviates the grudge so fast that I forget about it the next day, except when I make a video about it and get notifications on my phone :’)

I hope to upload more videos in the course of the next month, but I also should spend a little bit more time to apply for internships because in the second semester of the upcoming academic year, I have to work as an intern in a marketing bureau or in the department of marketing on different cases.

Wish me luck, and also happy riding day’s to y’all reading!