BRO WHAT??? The last update of this blog was in APRIL??? HALF A YEAR AGO??? Time flies when you’re busy!

So a little bit of a backstory on my absence.

In the past few months I got an intership, I graduated and I got my first real job! (That means I have money now :))

In the past few months I also joined a few rides with some friendos and another Youtuber called Fx Throw him a sub and tell them CDA sent you!
I also went on a ride to Taco Bell, once in Breda, once in Eindhoven.
We still need to plan a ride with EVERYONE to Taco Bell Tilburg!

It takes around 2 hours to ride but as always:

“It’s About The Ride, Not About The Destination”.

Also, I have made a few updates on my motovlogging setup which you’ll see in my upcoming video, but till then, further testing with the new camera will be done.

There are also a few (understatement) upgrades and mods on my bike such as an 8 spoke wheel I got from an old VFR750 and repainted it to look like this!

And it came out like BRAND NEW!

I then put a tailbag on it, and a DynoJet PowerCommander V, which does work wonders with the fuelling but I still need to adjust it a little bit to let it run a little leaner.
Then I replaced the clutch hose to a copy of AliExpress, which works wonders by the way, and replaced the clutch slave cylinder seals.
The VFR feels like new again!

Since I work now I have made some upgrades to my gear. I now have Alpinestars SMX-6V2 GoreTex boots, which I melted to the hot exhaust on the day I went out with the boys to get some Taco Bell. SUCKS BIG TIME!
Then I glued some aluminium plates to my boots to fix the hole in the new GoreTex membrane and to act like a heatshield.

Anyways, a video about all that will come in short notice when the weather clears up.
Hope to have entertained you and I see you in the next blogpost or video!!!

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