Review: Moto-Adventure-Tech Crashbars and Rack for the Suzuki XF650 Freewind

Right now a month ago, I’ve received my new crashbars that i’ve ordered of
Here is a short review of the crashbars and rack, including pricing.

First of all, let’s see what I’ve ordered.

1) Stelaż Givi Kappa (Rear rack for Givi & Kappa panniers)
2) Gmol Model ADVENTURE (Basic crashbars)
3) Dodatek Górny do Gmola Adventure XF (Tank protectors)
4) Dodatek Dolny do Gmola Adventure XF (Steps & pedal protectors)

It was delivered in about 1-2 weeks, using priority shipping.
Costs a little bit more, but wasn’t a problem, since it was just -,€4 extra.

It came in a cardboard box, wrapped in a plastic bag. The delivery guys should be more carefull with my parcels. Luckely it was very well packaged, only 1 missing bolt.

This is just the standard issue crashbar, looks a lot better than an Hepco & Becker one.
The crashbar mounts with new internal hex bolts to the engine mount and footpegs.
Sturdy enough for me.

This is with thebar with extra tank protector and step-and pedal protector.
It’s about a -,€45 option.

It also doesn’t stick out as much as an Hepco & Becker bar, which is very convenient for filtering motorcyclists like me.
It also gives it a better look, but it weights down the bike a lot more.

I haven’t got a proper installation guide for the rear rack, but I can tell you that the rear rack mounts to the rear footpegs and the original topcase carrier bolt-on points.

In total, the whole set isn’t wider than my handlebars and filtering through traffic isn’t a problem.
The only thing I had to do was raising the bike a little bit more to compensate for the extra weight.

Let’s summarize everything in a category.

Build quality and looks
– Tig welded, fully powdercoated, made from thick steel tubes
– Kicking it will definitly hurt your feet
– The rack doesn’t fit very well, some power is needed to pull it in place.

– Symmetrical built rear rack, no wider pannier on the left hand side
– Crashbar protects the sides fully, including the pegs and pedals

– I paid about -,€280 for the whole set, including shipping and transaction costs
– An Hepco & Becker Crashbar and rack costs about -,€312 without shipping

– Very sturdy, that kind of quality is just nice
– Price
– Looks nice
– Doesn’t fit always that right
– Sometimes the footpeg protectors are in the way of the shift pedal
– Weights a lot

You can find this set for the Suzuki Freewind XF650 at: (opens in new tab)

6 thoughts on “Review: Moto-Adventure-Tech Crashbars and Rack for the Suzuki XF650 Freewind

  1. Adrian 13 July 2017 / 14:31

    Hello CDA441,
    Thank you for your blogs and sharing your experiences regarding the Suzuki XF650. I have recently purchased one (I’m based in Dublin- Ireland). I would like to get panniers for additional carrying capacity.

    You seem to have had a good experience with the racks from Moto Adventure. I am not sure what type of panniers can be fitted to your rack or any type of rack for that matter Can you please advise?

    Your attention is greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards


    • cda441 14 July 2017 / 10:28

      Thank you for the nice comment!
      Normally all “Monokey” racks will fit the “Givi” style rack I bought.
      It needs shorter bolts/screws to fit just right, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

      The other racks (without any mounting option) are made for Happy Trails mounting hardware (or so I think).
      I really don’t know what other brand will fit the “non givi” rack, except for soft luggage.
      Also: Kappa should also fit the Givi rack.



      • Adrian 24 July 2017 / 14:44

        Thank you for reply and valued advice.

        Chat soon

        Best wishes


  2. Adrian 3 August 2017 / 14:26

    Hi Cda441,
    I appercaite your XF650 is sold, but would it be possible to show pictures of the XF rack with panniers from a number of angles?. One of the blogs identifies the left pannier as being further out than the right pannier. Can you please confirm this?

    Thank you for your advice.


    • cda441 3 August 2017 / 14:28

      Sorry I don’t have the bike and rack anymore, let stand pictures of it.
      The left pannier is indeed a bit further out, but that’s because the manufacturer wanted it to be symmetrical.


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