Dropped the VFR

It finally happened, I dropped the VFR on the ground…
The picture says everything, but I will explain everything in this post! (see that reference?)

So the problem with my thinking is that I think in weird ways. Like trying to ride a motorcycle up a slippery curb. That ultimatly failed as you can see on the picture above. Seemed like a good idea in my head since I’ve already ridden on snow that day, but this is a different kind of snow so it seems.

This bike is heavy, like, really heavy at 245kg! Being on slippery snow/ice and grass underneath didn’t give me enough grip to put the bike back upright. Because of that, I was forced to drag the bike on it’s side to the beginning of the curb, scratching the fairings a minimal amount.

My father and mother both came to help, because this crash wasn’t even 100m from home. After half an hour of pulling, lifting and struggling, the bike was finally upright!

The damage
– Scratched/pitted left bar-end
– Scratched/pitted clutch reservoir cover
– Bent footpeg scraper
I didn’t find any extra scratches because the previous owner also dropped the bike on the left side. However I ordered a paint touch-up pen on eBay for like 10 Euros in the color R157. I don’t have pictures of the damage, because I already fixed them.

The lesson?
Don’t ride in the snow!

I even filmed the whole ordeal, including the salvage operation!

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