Review: Sony HDR AS-300V

Well since I wanted to get some voice and better sound in my videos, I sold my Tascam DR-05 and bought a new Sony HDR AS-300V action camera to get better battery life and a mic input.

The main reason I didn’t bought a same priced GoPro Hero 5 session is because it requires a 50+ euro converter to add a 3.5mm microphone jack.

This time it doesn’t come in a package with a display case as the AZ-1. It comes in an all cardboard box with a plastic front, but who needs the packaging anyway? It’s what comes in the package that counts! 🙂

Left: AZ-1VR, Right: AS300V

Package contents:
The package contains the following items:
– Sony HDR AS-300
– Underwater housing (MPK-UWH1)
– NP BX-1 Battery pack
– Sony RM-LVR3 LiveView Remote
– Wrist strap for RM-LVR3
– Charger + charger cable for RM-LVR3
– Cradle with tripod mount for RM-LVR3
– 1 set of 1 curved sticky back mount + tripod screw hole mount


Size comparison:
The Sony AS300 has a size (lxbxh, including waterproof case) of 9cm x 4,7cm x 7cm.
Without the case it is 8,5cm x 3cm x 5cm.
The AZ1 is much smaller with a size (including case) comparable to the AS300V without a Case.

I got this action camera for about 300€, which is almost the same as my AZ1VR that I bought a year ago.
A lot of bang for the buck if you ask me.
You can buy it here: Sony HDR AS300V on Amazon

– Zeiss Tessar lens
– 1/2.5 (7.20mm) back illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor
– Waterproof up to 60m with underwater housing (without it’s just splashproof)
– Micro HDMI, Stereo mic jack, Micro USB terminal
– Compatible with M2 and Micro SD cards (SDHC/SDXC)
Full specs here: Sony AS300V

Pros & Cons:
Well to start, it is a fairly cheap action cam for the price. Comparable GoPro’s are no way near the quality of the HDR AS300. The only problem is that these cameras are most likely side mounted because of the form factor. Though not a problem, some motovloggers do like to use a “chin mounted” view.

What I really like is the extended battery life. It shows how much time you have left till your SD card is full or the battery is empty.
It shows I can still record for 2 hours and 47 minutes, but in reality (specs from Sony) it shows that it can only record for about 135 minutes on 30fps.
I film every piece in 60FPS.

A con is that the OIS (SteadyShot) is a bit too much. It makes your riding and actions look much more slower than they are. I prefer to keep the SteadyShot off.

The camera also sports a tripod hole, which is extremely convenient because there isn’t a special mount needed unlike by the AZ1VR, not to forget the AS300 also has a 3.5mm mic jack, which makes it possible to get an all in one vlogging setup without any converters.

To be fair, I’m really happy with this purchase, and I recommend this camera to everyone who needs a fairly compact action camera that sports a lot of features.

Here’s an example clip with audio from the Philips LFH91740 plugged into the HDR AS300V

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