Review: Gianni Falco Mixto ATV

After almost riding a year with the Gianni Falco Mixto ATV’s as a replacement for the Held Gear (that leaked), I’m now ready to write a review on them.

The Mixto is made from leather. Brown nu-buck/suede leather to be more exact on the model I have.
The leather is impregnated with a water repellent, but wears of after a few days of riding in rainy weather. Still, the High-Tex membrane keeps my feet dry and not sweaty.
The boots also have an injection molded rubber boot protector to protect the boot from scratches from the shift lever.
It is recommended to spray the boots with a water repellent spray once a month.
I also recommend to throw away the factory inner soles and replace them with shock absorbing soles, just to get more comfort out of the boots.

The Mixto ATV has a shin plate made of polyurethane, but is rather short.
Aswell the clasps are made of the same material, and are adjustable using an internal ratchet mechanism.
Ankles are protected by D3O material.
Soles are made of rubber with a generous amount of profile.

The flex is rather a “meh”. It’s too flexible to really go offroad, but it’s good for onroad touring. Shifts feel really good in these boots.

Look and feel
When walking around wearing nothing but black textile gear and suddenly seeing brown boots, everyone that didn’t ride a motorbike said “What are thooose!!!”.
I did like the brown color, but after a few months riding with them, the brown turned a bit ugly. Oil stains are also a PITA to get out of the boots.
The boots squeak when walking, and it gets on my nerves from time to time, but they still keep my feet dry. Function over form I say.

My feet are a bit wide, so these boots were perfect for my feet. The only downside is that my cheap textile pants don’t have a wide opening to fit over the boot, so I’m struggling with that. Sometimes they fit, but sometimes they don’t.

I bought these boots for the price of €199,95. Not cheap, but also not that expensive.
The price-quality ratio is rather nice, but the price should be around €165 if I’m being honest.

I like the boots, but they are squeaky, and need a lot of attention because of the brown nu-buck/suede finish leather. They are still watertight, even after putting my foot down in a deep puddle of water. I feel safe in these boots.

The only thing is: I won’t buy them again, because I now already wrote a review about them πŸ™‚
My next boots will beΒ the Gianni Falco Avantour (€249) (High-Tex), or Alpinestars Toucan (€359) (Gore-Tex), just to see how these compare to the cheaper Mixto ATV.

3 thoughts on “Review: Gianni Falco Mixto ATV

  1. lerris 23 January 2017 / 20:02

    Hey CDA,

    Voor een nieuw paar motorlaarzen zou je ook nog de SIDI adventure gore-tex kunnen overwegen.
    Deze heb ik nu en bevallen zeer goed, het enige is dat ze piepen tijdens het lopen.
    (dit schijnt opgelost te kunnen worden door de scharnierpunten in te spuiten met teflon of siliconenspray.)
    Deze zijn nu te krijgen bij fc-moto voor 280


    • cda441 24 January 2017 / 12:02

      Die zien er wel ook leuk uit πŸ™‚ Ik moet dan wel een broek vinden die wat wijdere pijpen heeft, want die passen nu al met moeite om de Gianni Falco’s. Ook bedankt voor de tip met de siliconenspray, heb nu ook dat probleem met m’n huidige laarzen dus zal het eens testen πŸ™‚


      • lerris 6 February 2017 / 21:37

        Denk niet dat de sidi’s (veel) groter zullen zijn dan je Gianni’s.
        Laat nog maar even weten hoe het uitpakt met siliconenspray, die van mij piepen ook πŸ˜›


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