My broken wrist

As you probably noticed, there wasn’t a video out for a month!

It is because I had broken my left wrist, in fact, I had an avulsion fracture.
I was working my shift at my job (pizza delivery boy), and it was a rainy day.
The scooter I was riding on had winter tires (so I thought) and I was delivering my fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza to my next customer.
For those who wanted to know, it is a “Pizza Quattro Stagione”.

Well, it was dark, rainy, but I’m used to riding in the rain, since I ride every day.
I drove in a dead end (well technically it isn’t, but I may not drive into that street after the road sign), so I intended to go left.
Knowing how to ride a motorcycle in the rain, I rolled off the throttle, and squeezed the brakes gently, keeping the bars straight.

In a brief moment, the front wheel slipped and the scooter just slipped away under me.
Trying to break my fall, I put out my hands to the ground, trying to not hit the ground as a piece of meat, and rolled over about 3x.
The delivery scoot was sliding away on it’s right side.

I wasn’t much concerned of my hands (wrists) at the time, also not knowing one of it was broken. I was more concerned that I couldn’t deliver the pizza the guy paid for, and knowing it was ruined, I rode back to get a new one made.

I worked till my shift ended (about 2 and a half hours) in pain and agony, not having the power to lift a pizza out of the oven. Then I went home on my motorcycle, because that day, I went to an old schoolfriend of mine, showing my bike offcourse and catching up with eachother. That was a good time 🙂

I then went the next morning at 10 o’clock to the emergency department of the hospital, having my wrists checked out, because they hurt like hell.
They took some X-rays of my wrists, and it turns out my left wrist had an avulsion fracture. (where the tendon tears off a piece of bone).
They gave me a temporary cast (just a gypsum one) and the next week I had to come back for a fiberglass one.

I then stayed 3 weeks in my new fiberglass cast.

When the time came that my cast could come off, it felt really weird trying to move my hand in the normal motions again, it hurt like crazy, but after a few minutes, the pain was a lot less than before. I also got a brace to support my wrist when I’m lifting things, but I still can’t do anything hard.

I hope the pain will be over at the end of next week so I can ride again.

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