Combining work & Motovlogging

Bruh, I know it has been a long time since I’ve written something on my blog nor uploaded something on my YT channel.
It keeps growing, but I seem to lack time to make more content on the subject of my bike or motorcycles in general.

The main reason for that is having an internship that goes from 9 to 6, emptying my creative brain behind the videos.
The next reason is that I can’t seem to get interesting content to talk about, because most likely the next video is (again) about my bike upgrades.

I have had some wheelstriping on my VFR, which (I told in a vlog) I removed, and wanted to replace with new wheelstriping. This happened, but soon after the wheel striping just rubbed off and was just peeling of the rim. Thus I have ordered more wheelstriping from (I hope) better quality.

My VFR800 with new wheelstriping
AliExpress Wheelstriping

It looked good but it was just shoddy quality.

I hope to get out a new motovlog soon with more updates, but as always, ride safe and have a good motorcycling season!

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