Review: Hans Bo CREE U5 LED spots

When my old daytime running lights (that costed me about €1,50,-) broke when the cables came loose from the housing, I was thinking about buying some cheap aux lights.

I came up on the video from CagerOnTwoWheels (Cheap Aux Lights!) and they seemed interesting, although I wanted to buy some that didn’t have the 3 modes on it.

I went to search online for the CREE U5 led’s, which are ofcourse made in China.
Being a fan of buying things on AliExpress, I quickly became overwhelmed with these U5 style LED’s.

After searching for a while, I’ve seen that the Hans Bo type is a bestseller on AliExpress,
so I ordered a set of two.
Here’s a link for anyone who wants to buy these: Hans Bo CREE U5 125W (They have 3 modes!)

They were delivered at my doorstep in about 5-6 days, which is incredibly fast for Chinese products.

Package contents:
– 2 Aux Lights
– 2 switches
– Mounting hardware
– 2 allen/hex keys.

Installing was easy using this schematic.
DLR ACC schakel









After installing, I’ve seen that the lights aren’t in the same mode, which justifies the need of 2 switches. One was also not working, so I’ve sent a message to the seller.

It took 2 days till I got the message that they are going to send a new one!
That’s what I call customer service.

I’ve recently received my replacement LED light within 10 days, and this is the result:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The lights have a “Cold White” color, which in fact look a bit cheap, but should be more noticable on the road.
I couldn’t find the secondary switch to regulate both lights, but they are now in phase with eachother.

I’m quite happy with the results considering the low price of just under 24€ or for the US readers out there 26USD.

Don’t bother removing the 3 modes using the U2 chip removal, this just makes the light unusable. Just buy a “High-Beam Only” light.

Anyways, thanks for reading this post.
If you have questions, just ask!


4 thoughts on “Review: Hans Bo CREE U5 LED spots

  1. Brad 22 May 2016 / 01:20

    Hey there, the bike looks good with the new lights! I’m thinking of getting the same ones, though I don’t want the three modes. You mentioned getting high beam only ones, where can I find these?
    Best regards,


    • cda441 22 May 2016 / 09:20

      Hi there! Unfortunatly, the cree spots have died, more because of water getting into them and exploding capacitors. I don’t know if that will happen to the ‘1 mode only’ lights because I now use halogen ones.
      But if you want to get these with 1 mode, you can still find these on AliExpress with the search term Hans Bo high beam, normally it would pop up right away 🙂
      Kind regards,


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