Motorcycling season has started (or not?)

It’s the beginning of March, beginning of the motorcycling season. Though the weather looks horrible for the “nice-weather-riders”.
To me, it looks good, besides the constant crosswinds and small hailstorms.

I hope to see some more riders in March, and not only the all weather riders.
I’m kind of the best of both worlds, I like riding in the winter, and I like riding with the summer riders, because they are very happy to ride again, unlike the other all-weather-riders.

My uncles from my fathers side ride motorcycles, but only in the summer, that’s why we should meet some time, on our bikes offcourse.
One has a Triumph Daytona, and the other has a Yamaha R6.
Not the kind of bike i’d have, because: “I like the best of both worlds”.
Street oriented, but still offroad capable.

The things I like about nice-weather-riders is that they have those sporty bikes, loud exhausts, and always rev a lot. I once did a rev battle with a couple of sport bikes, but at that time, I had my dB-killer in my M.S.R. muffler (review on that later).
Having fun without harming anyone, except when they crash into someone, but that’s not my problem.

I don’t despise “nice-weather-riders”, they are just another group in the motorcycling world. I agree, riding in the winter is a bad idea, because you get cold, wet, can slide around and crash, etc. It’s not a good idea for the bike too, it’ll get rusty (unlike my XF) when riding in road salt.

What I do despise are the so-called “squids”. Motorcyclists that ride their bike without any proper gear, riding with a t-shirt and flip flops. That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, hereby I’ll end this blog entry, have a good riding season!


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