Review: Chinese adjustable clutch and brake levers

Some time in July, I ordered a set of levers for my Honda NC700X.
I chose to go the Chinese way again, because I’ve read more good stuff than bad stuff about those Chinese made levers, and my wallet also tells me I don’t need Pazzo or ASV levers.

Well I bought these on the 14th of July and received these the 7th of August. I’ve even made an install video about it which you can watch here:

Well to start: they are packaged very well. Bubble envelope, wrapped in foam, protected from dings and bangs in transit.

The fitment is also perfect, but the downside is that they don’t have steel bushings to pivot on.

The whole set is made from CNC’d aluminium that has been anodised.
I chose a titanium gray because that is a color that fades the least in direct sunlight.

The Chinese levers have a CNC textured grip surface, but they still feel a bit slippery. However, it is a nice touch and makes it look more expensive.

The back side of the levers

This set only has an adjustability function, not being able to swivel up and down in case of a crash, but that actually doesn’t matter anyways because a set of these only costs €20 including shipping.

They can be adjusted 6 steps each using the small lever on the lever itself, and it keeps tension very well I must say because it never slipped out of it’s position.
Note: I also loctited the shit out of the bolts so they never come loose.

They come in many different colors and lever sizes, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted a shorty lever because I’ve never ridden with one before, and it still keeps the “OEM” look when you get the normal length levers.

Installing is easy, if you watch the video. Just loosen 2 bolts, remove the lever, insert the new lever and install the 2 bolts again.
The clutch side is a little bit harder because you have to loosen the barrel from the clutch lever.

So now I’ve almost done 7000km on the new levers, and they still feel the same. They didn’t loosen over time, they didn’t bind over time. Just lube the levers up enough to keep it from wearing and rubbing. (even my handlebar muffs that give off a lot of lint didn’t even manage to bind the levers up)

They also look the part and make the bike look sportier too, and the finish of these things is immaculate.
The only downside to these is that they don’t have bushings to counteract wear, but with some grease and general maintaining, it shouldn’t be a problem after all.

If you are in the market for aftermarket levers: Skip Pazzo and ASV or any premium brand and buy china made levers. When you crash you just take out another set, or use the originals again, and go for the next round.