When I broke my old helmet (an LS2 370 Easy) because the visor gasket was disintegrated,
I  was thinking about a budget friendly, higher quality, better looking helmet.

Offcourse I was thinking about buying a Schuberth C3, but 350+€ was a bit too much for a student like me, knowing I’d scratch the visor up in no time.

I looked at soms Shark Openline helmets, but they were too claustofobic for me.
The Caberg Tourmax was also a viable option, but I was taking in mind that the peak can catch wind easily, but I’ve never test-driven one, I’ll keep that one in mind for my next helmet.

So I went on and searched, and found the HJC IS-Max II.
Build quality was good, wasn’t too heavy for me, and has the option to build in some speakers. (more on that in the upcoming review of the Sena 3S).

The HJC IS-Max II is a modular helmet, great for people wearing glasses, I don’t want any other helmet than a modular one, only because it’s so comfortable to put on and walk around with it.

This one came with a chin curtain, a pinlock visor, and a handy carrying bag I never use.

The only downside to modular helmets is that there’s an awful lot of wind that can get in your helmet via the small creases.

I’ve chosen for the color white, because it’s a nice contrast with my black motorcycle and suit. It’s also funny because the sony action cam is also white, which makes the cam fit in with the picture.

Ventilation is a small bit of a problem, I don’t feel any good airflow inside my helmet, even with all the ports open. Sometimes I have to open the visor a little bit to let some air in.

I sometimes wear this helmet for about 7 hours straight when I’m working, so it’s quite comfortable.

So, talking prices: The HJC IS-MAX II costs about -,€250, which is not that much for a helmet, taking into consideration that it’s a modular one.
Full face helmets cost also a lot less, just because there aren’t any moving parts that need some serious engineering.

All in all, I find this helmet a good choice for myself, but if I break it withing 2 years, I’m going to buy me a Caberg Tourmax, just for testing it out.

Here’s a picture of the helmet 🙂



5 thoughts on “Review: HJC IS-MAX II

  1. Luk 11 April 2016 / 22:13


    I have few questions regarding the mounting of Sony action cam on the HJC IS MAX II:
    Which mount did you use (flat or curved)? Did you use any extra glue to fill the space between the concave surface of the helmet and the mount? How is the mount holding? Did you experience any problems with that?

    I’ll be grateful for any information you can provide.

    Kind regards


    • cda441 12 April 2016 / 05:33


      I used the flat mount. There’s still a small open space between the mount and the helmet, but it’s still holding like a champ.
      I banged my az1 against some doors by accident, and it’s still holding strong as ever.
      I hope this information will be useful 🙂

      Kind regards,


      • Mateusz Gos (@mateuszgos) 10 September 2016 / 23:56


        could you please send a photo how exactly did you mount action camera on this helmet? 🙂

        Thanks in advance.


      • cda441 27 September 2016 / 15:34

        Sorry for the late response, but it’s just mounted to the side of the helmet, just behind the seam where the helmet will close.
        I’ve inserted a photo in the blogpost 🙂


  2. Luk 12 April 2016 / 09:20

    Thanks for the prompt response! It is very useful! 🙂


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