Shitty electronics ‘n stuff

A few days ago I saw that my right rear indicator had some kind of loose contact, but it was good enough, till it totally failed.

Now it’s repaired, and the following reasons why it failed and how long it took to repair is also in this blogpost 🙂

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Lanesplitting safe or not?

When communting to work/school, traffic can be bad when it’s rush hour.
I cut through traffic like a hot knife through butter within the traffic jams.
Now there are some people who say that lanesplitting is dangerous, and they’re not wrong.

Today was a good day

It seems like the motorcycling season started yesterday or today. I see a lot more bikes on the road than a week ago, which is a good sight into the upcoming months. It seems that those bikers that come out in spring/summer wave a lot more than the all-weathers, but I still wave at any…

Motorcycling season has started (or not?)

It’s the beginning of March, beginning of the motorcycling season. Though the weather looks horrible for the “nice-weather-riders”. To me, it looks good, besides the constant crosswinds and small hailstorms. I hope to see some more riders in March, and not only the all weather riders. I’m kind of the best of both worlds, I…

My broken wrist

As you probably noticed, there wasn’t a video out for a month! It is because I had broken my left wrist, in fact, I had an avulsion fracture. I was working my shift at my job (pizza delivery boy), and it was a rainy day. The scooter I was riding on had winter tires (so I…