My broken wrist

As you probably noticed, there wasn’t a video out for a month! It is because I had broken my left wrist, in fact, I had an avulsion fracture. I was working my shift at my job (pizza delivery boy), and it was a rainy day. The scooter I was riding on had winter tires (so I thought) and I was delivering my fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza to my next customer. For those who wanted to know, it is a “Pizza Quattro Stagione”. Well, it was dark, rainy, but I’m used to riding in the rain, since I ride every day. I drove in … Continue reading My broken wrist

Review: The Sony HDR-AZ1VR

A few months ago, I had a car pulled out on me, which led to a small collision resulting in the cars wiper fluid reservoir and bumper being destroyed. There was less damage to my bike, only a bent gear lever. Since I was going home from a long day of school, and wanted to go home, we (the car driver and me) opted to not fill in any forms, I didn’t bother because my bike was scratched up already on that side, and his car was a wreck. After that, I searched for some helmet cams with a good … Continue reading Review: The Sony HDR-AZ1VR