Review: QuadLock for Galaxy S8+

You might know I’ve made my own smartphone mount out of some plastic, but that idea became boring and more and more a pain to use than being handy.

It was time for a new mount that is safe, easy to remove, and good looking too.

I searched online for different mounting systems, but the RAM X-grip can get loose and it still is a two-hand operation, just like the UltimateAddons waterproof case, that is not usable with phones with a case. (see below)

UltimateAddons waterproof case

Then we have the Rokform mounting system with integrated case, which uses a similar interlocking mechanism as the Quadlock, but relies on some neodymium magnets to keep the phone secure on the mount. The Rokform is also not safe in landscape mode.

Rokform mount for handlebars

And alas, we have the Lifeproof mount. This one also relies on a magnet, but has a little tab that can be flipped to lock the phone in place. However, the design looks too flimsy and there is no way to attach the Lifeproof mount to a RAM ball without vibrations.

Lifeproof mount for handlebars

The one that caught my eye in the past few days was the Quadlock, because it has an ad running on Instagram (good lord, ads work on social media!) The design is good, it has a physical lock with audible feedback, it can be used in landscape AND portrait, and it doesn’t cost the world!
The photo shows a handlebar mount, but there is also a RAM, mirror, bike stem, car, sports armband, wall, belt and tripod adaptor mount available.

The Quad Lock has a locking system

The case & mount together cost around 54€, and that is with the 10% discount on their site ( by registering! The only downside is that they only accept creditcard or PayPal, so for the people that use Maestro or iDeal, tough luck.

The only downside on this mount, is that it is mainly made from composite material instead of aluminium. I hope the longevity of the mount will outlast my phone.

The case is made of a composite material of TPU and Polycarbonate, which makes it flexible, but also very strong. It has a microfiber lining to protect the glass back of the phone, and best of all, it is also compatible with wireless charging, although it took a few tries to get it charging.

For non-Apple or Samsung users, there exists a universal adaptor for your phone or phone case, which uses a 3M™ VHB adhesive. However, it will not adhere to rubber, silicone, TPU or soft touch coatings.

Quad Lock Adaptor Sticker

The mount fits securely in on the bike using the RAM arm, but it vibrates a bit because of my fake RAM ball mount from AliExpress, so results may vary with the quality of the parts you are using.

The verdict?
The Quad Lock mount and case is a very handy solution for iPhones, Samsung’s Galaxy phones and it also sports a universal mounting system.

If you already have RAM X-Grip on your bike and you want to upgrade it to a more secure and easier mount, the Quad Lock is perfect because it is just plug and play. No special tools needed to mount it to your bike.

If you want to mount your phone directly to your handelbars or mirror, you can get a full kit on for €69.90 without 10% discount. The universal one costs around €54,90 without 10% discount.

So the price is on par with the UltimateAddons kit, above the LifeProof mount, and lower than the RAM and RokForm kit, whereas the latter costs 99.99USD for the mount itself.

All in all: Good price/quality ratio, good enough design, good protection and very easy to use!

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