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About me

Welcome to my blog.

First a little information about myself.

I’m an all-season rider and Belgian motovlogger.
I’m still a student, so going to school everyday means a lot of footage.
Uploads aren’t scheduled/daily, but they’ll come eventually when I have enough footage.

Also: I would never spam my videos with ads, product placements etc..
I’m a non biased vlogger and every opinion on any topic is my own opinion.

My bike: Honda NC 700 XA, The Freewind is no more 😦
My cam: Sony AZ1VR, no case, with microphone fur
My sound: Tascam DR-05
Helmet: HJC IS-Max 2 Matte Black (Sena 3S + Sony HDR-AS300R with sidemount and Philips LFH91740)

Get action cam here:
Get face cam here:
Get side mount here:
Get helmet here:
Get visor here:
Get comm system here:
Get levers here:

Youtube: (opens in new tab)


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